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The Moral Elements

 A series of standalone romances set in an omegaverse world. Omegaverse is a genre where everyone is born ether alpha, beta or omega. Most of the population are betas, with about 25% being born alphas and 25% as omegas. Alphas are seen as dominant and aggressive, but with a devoted and protective nature towards their omegas. Omegas are seen as weak and frail, but in truth they are stronger than people think. This series has no shifters and no m-preg. Each of these novels can be read in any order, and all come with a happy ever after.

Book 1: Moral High Ground

Brett picks the wrong week to decorate his parent’s home when a flood alert threatens to ruin all his hard work. When the banks break and the cute omega from the environmental agency is swept under, Brett does what any alpha would and saves the drowning man. But getting the wet omega back to his house is only the start of their survival challenge.

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Book 2: Moral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma Rick reluctantly attends his school reunion to meet the family his old school friend is involved with. He leaves feeling uncertain about the sad young omega with the alpha couple, but returning to the fire station for a night shift has him attending a car accident with very familiar occupants - and the little omega in need of saving.

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Book 3: Moral Compass

Harry runs a mountain expedition centre and during the off season, he offers trips to disadvantaged omegas from the nearby refuges. He thinks he’s doing them a favour, but when disaster hits, he realises just how resilient they can be.

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