Phoenix Reign

Book 2 in the Phoenix ShiftARS Series

This is the second edition of this book, containing additional content from the POV of Riley, Beckett and Troy. This will replace the existing version of this book on 17th December 2021.

My Phoenix is out, along with my visions. I’ve been sent into hiding, but everything about this feels wrong. Maybe I’m just out of my depth? My mates may be with me but I feel like I'm losing my connection with the world. This isn't real. Not only am I plagued by doubt, I'm also hounded by visions from my phoenix, sitting on her waterfall. My rank means I lead my team but when my lieutenant bars come off, these men own me body and soul, and they are as hard to ignore as the damn bird.

When the truth comes out, turns out I was right, but I'm not sure I have enough sanity left to come back from this. Not when every repressed memory is thrown back at me. There is a damn good reason why I shut my past out.

Will my mates stick with me through it all, or am I destined to mess up the only good thing that ever happened to me?

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