Broken Angel

Mafia Graves Book 3


Leon and Aspen, Quinn and Kai. They all have their future at stake as we try to uncover the werepirie project and unravel the demon's curse. No one seems to care that I am the cursed one. I see the darkness rising, I just don't scream about it any more.

My brother may have uncovered something about the Wood Fae from my past, but it's down to me to rip this thing open and finally rid myself of the knife hanging above my head. I've never had enough faith in myself before, but now, I might have found someone else to have that faith for me.


Jealousy doesn't look good on me, but my two best friends have found their soul mates. I am suddenly the fifty wheel in everything we do. It's not their fault, Leon and Quinn deserve every moment of happiness.

It's not my fault either. I've fallen for a guy I can't have. Not just because he doesn't want me. It's also because my friends wouldn't want him. I'm in love with the crazy psychopath that is Blake Greyson.

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