Kraken Klaus

 This is not your typical Christmas story. Sure, it's set on a Christmas holiday cruise liner. Of course there is a roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Yes, there are presents, chocolate and tinsel…

…but there are also tentacles. And we all know that is what you came for. When Moshe realises his fellow mer crew are dumping toxic chemicals into the sea, under the guise of holiday cruises, he is horrified.

When the only song he can ever remember lures up a giant sea octopus, he can finally stop his own people from polluting the sea.

But Ruyu has other things on his mind. He responded to the song of his mate. Sure, he'll destroy the boat for his love, but Moshe demands the passengers be unharmed.

Thank goodness the ShiftARS are there to do the actual work, these two are very easily distracted by all the wonderful Christmas things Moshe will leave behind when he joins Ruyu out at sea.

Ruyu couldn't deny his boy a final experience of Christmas, even if he doesn't understand stuff like the forest of chocolate trees, or the Christmas Daddy.

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