Hitmen and Hexes

This series is about a pair of private investigators, moving around the country in their magical motorhome, and their quest to find love.

Nathanial “Voodoo” Laversett is a witch doctor, who can hex objects, heal injuries and charm his way into the hearts of others. He’d happily give up the role of pack alpha to Hunter, but it isn’t going to be easy with the werewolf so obsessed with his chosen mate, Doll. Hunter Green was born a werewolf, too wild for any pack to handle, too reckless to be the alpha he wants to be. Doll has a reputation as a great Russian spy, but given a choice, he turns his back on that life as soon as Hunter takes one sniff of him. It’s not like the possessive werewolf would give him any other choice.

Doll’s lack of human interaction doesn’t do him any favours while finding his feet, but his confidence can get him through anything. Good things come to those who wait, and Voodoo certainly has to fight for his true love. First they have to steal Teddy from prison, and then show the human how he can be special in a pack of warlocks, even if Hunter does insist on calling him the pack omega. Finding the balance between such varied characters takes a while, but eventually the four find the perfect balance, even if they risk everything along the way.

This is a completed series of four books, each novel is around 65k words, and the series ends on a HEA. There books are suitable for readers over 18 dues to graphic sex and violence. While there is mention of Daddies, and Doms, this is mentioned in the context of Hunter and Voodoo’s past expectations, and only lightly touched on in their new relationships. No age play.

Book 1: Hexes and Heartache

Voodoo and Hunter are sent to investigate the Lincolnshire Poacher. The radio station “The Lincolnshire Poacher” has been silent since 2006, but a week ago, it sent one last transmission. The geographical location of a rundown B&B of the same name.

Voodoo is instantly drawn to the baby-faced landlord, but Hunter is more drawn to the hitman trying to kill him. In a case where only one can come out on top, both men are left fighting for their lives and their hearts.

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Book 2: Curses and Convicts

coming 28th September 2022

The Russian Doll is called on for one last case. Voodoo, Hunter and Doll must go undercover in prison and convince a man known only as Glass Eye to give up his informant.

Three men go in, and three men will come out. A fact that pulls at a heartless man’s heartstrings with Voodoo falls in love with an innocent man.

The biggest question is which three will leave and who will be the one left behind.

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Book 3: Charms and Chocolate

It's not easy living together in the tiny motor home, and tempers start to fray. But the four men only have to survive until their purchase of the ghost house goes through. read more

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Book 4: Potions and Pack

Finally, the pack of four find themselves a home. A run down ghost house as worn as they are. But it is a place to call home, somewhere to lay roots. Somewhere to be a pack. read more

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