Standalone Superhero Stories

Ashes of Light

After finished at the superhero academy, Tim is keen to start his apprenticeship with superhero and millionaire Richard Huntington. He sets out to prove himself the ideal long term sidekick. Read more


Solar Wind

For lovers of the hurt/comfort, low angst romance, this enemies to lovers story is for you. Set in an academy setting, Nate and Ben - our heroes in training - aren’t looking for love, but circumstances keep pushing them together. This book may have a New Adult feel to it, due to the characters age, but it contains the high heat we all expect from this author.

Breif Introduction

For most of the students gathered in the large hall, at Super U, this was a time to start afresh, to begin their superhero training. For Nate, it was a reminder of a failed start and a last chance. To start the year again and avoid the mistakes he made before. read more